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(my first blog banner, from November 1995)

CINCINNATI, OHIO, USA – February 20, 1996 – HI! I’m Eric Weaver, and you’ve somehow managed to stumble across my foray into Webslinging. The model in the picture with me is eldest daughter Maura.

WHAT I DO: My day job is acting as Director of Electronic Media for ImageMatrix, Inc., a communications agency based in Cincinnati. We create business-to-business and internal communication programs for Fortune 100 clients around the country and abroad. In this role, I oversee our Art, Multimedia and Video departments and am responsible for the production of all ImageMatrix communication programs.

In my spare time, I’m also the Host and Founder of the America Online Composers’ Coffeehouse (keyword COMPOSERS), and a Forum Consultant for America Online’s Macintosh Music & Sound Forum.

AOL USERS: Those of you accessing my pages with America Online’s Web Browser will find that clicking on the hotlinks for AOL keywords will send you directly to that area of AOL. C’est fantastique, n’est pas?


Gee, Wally, Cincinnutty is actually home to several interactive developers! Who’da thought? Check out these spanky local Web Sites:

Interesting Sites to Surf:

Former Employers (like you care):

Just Plain SILLY:

  • URoulette: fling me somewhere, won’t you?
  • Web-Voyeur! Camera Weirdness across the Net.
  • Star Trek – Voyager ™: Have the Doctor quiz you on Trek Triv and then reprimand you sharply in audio.
  • The Mentos FAQ: Frequently-Asked Questions about “The Freshmaker” (too funny).

This nonsense is my first attempt at a home page, with no HTML manual, no documentation… nuthin’.  So I don’ wanna hear no smart remarks.

If you absolutely MUST, email me at 😉

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