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Hey, you…thanks for following me. I appreciate your interest and hope you find my updates interesting and beneficial.

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My main focuses are Social Marketing, Social Good and Marketing Ethics. I also twitter about local events, graphic design, and people I think are doing great things to give back.

Sometimes you’ll see a flurry of posts from an event. Don’t unfollow, it’s only for a day or so.

No bots. No auto-follows, no automated thank yous, just me.

“Why aren’t you following me back?” We’re funny, ego-based creatures, aren’t we? We get offended if we find someone’s Twitter feed interesting yet they don’t follow us back. I’m no different. BUT – I can barely keep up with my stream as it is, and I often just don’t have the time to investigate everyone’s feed. Please don’t take it personally.

I try to respect everyone’s attention by only posting valuable tweets. I look for the same.

ostrich_pic2Why the Ostrich avatar?

In the early days of Twitter, early 2007, there was a brief period where everyone used pictures of birds for their avatars. Mine was the goofiest, friendliest bird I could find — the smiling ostrich — a way to convey my usually upbeat, usually goofy personalty. The photo is just funny – and yes, it’s real.

Thanks again – stick around and explore my site!