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If you can afford the camera, this gives a whole new slant to online chat.


CINCINNATI, OHIO, USA – August 16, 1996 – Welcome to CAMERA WEIRDNESS ACROSS THE NET! If U haven’t yet tried it, CU-SeeMe will give U an interesting view of Net life. U’ll laugh, U’ll curse, U’ll write bad checks. This will truly show you how many uninhibited wankers are out there on the Net… shirtless, overweight men and shirtless, overweight women, many getting off on voyeurism and exhibitionism over a distance to complete strangers, often in public.

Don’t get me wrong…what people do with CU-ScareMe in private isn’t an issue. It’s the bizarre, unannounced public urology lessons that can be annoying, and usually a total turnoff.

There ARE a lot of good folks on CUSM as well, however, most with their clothes on. The folks at Art’s Place (a private reflector site at Texas Christian University) in particular are great.

Here’s my Reflector List, garnered from several places online.


I'd like to give a special thank you to Batwoman, our design intern and a well-known CU-SeeMe "Legend" (she probably hates me saying that), who introduced me to CUSM.

Sites that I can get onto regularly are preceded by an asterisk. Several others are sporadic, some I can never get on.

Enjoy! 🙂


Cornell University,


*Arizona State University, Geology Dept.

*Carnegie Mellon University,

*HIOF (Norway),

Indiana State University,

*Kent State University,

*Lund University (Sweden),

Miami University,

*North Carolina State University ("Magneto"),

Ohio State University,

Open University (UK),

Penn State University,

Texas A&M University,

University of Hawaii,

*University of Kansas,

University of Lisbon (Portugal),

University of Pennsylvania,

University of Pittsburgh Comp Sci Dept,

*University of Pisa (Italy),

University of Texas,

*University of Ulster (Ireland),

University of Vaasa (Finland),


Farago Advertising World Bar,


Intelecom, Inc.,

NASA Jet Propulsion Labs,

Network Solutions, Inc.,

SprintLink, Inc.,

*White Pine Software, Inc.,

ThePoint, Inc.,

TribeVibe, Inc.,



*CU-SeeMe@Rio (Brazil),



Catch22.com Digital Jungle,

*Eden Entertainment Network,

MarketSource Corp. Virtual Dorm,

MarketSource Corp. "Bird",

PeopleNet 1 (UCSD),


Shoup's (Indiana U),

Stacker's (Harvard),

Streak's (U Texas),

*Suck.com's SuckU-SeeMe,


WiseDude (Japan),

This list is provided only as a courtesy. I make no warranty about which sites are available when nor what you’ll see when you get there, so don’t come back to me complaining! 🙂



This page, written 13 years ago, was one of the few lists of webcam “reflectors” on the web. CU-SeeMe, the first videoconferencing/multi-window web chat offering, was unknown to the world at large. Like many online communities (AOL, Flickr, Twitter, Seesmic), it had a strong sense of community, with many well-known “regulars.” These days, Oovoo and Seesmic are its contemporary replacements and have similar close-knit communities.

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