I was recently notified by the World Brand Congress in Mumbai, India, that I was awarded a Brand Leadership Award for my work in branding over the years. I’m honored to receive such an award and am very appreciative of the Congress in selecting me. To say I was surprised and grateful was an understatement.

I will also be speaking at the conference on “Branding, Trust and the Empowered Consumer,” walking attendees through the changing consumer trends and trust landscape and tying it into a new look at the branding process.

I hope my Indian friends can attend. The Congress will be held at the Taj Lands End in Bandra. Conference information is here.

This is my first trip to India – my wife has visited several times and tells me I’m in for a treat – and I am very much looking forward to attending. Many thanks to the WBC for the award and the chance to speak to their attendees.

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