I started “blogging” (we didn’t call it that back then) in 1995 with my own personal website. Very few people consumed blog content back then, and so I wrote my heart out about divorce, grief, my kids, etc. – most of that content still lives on here. Every once in awhile someone would respond to a post – perhaps a mother that lost a daughter and had no online resources to go to. The web was a much smaller place back then.

As social became more of a thing, I shifted my content and writing there. First to Tribe in 2001, then Friendster, then Ryze (remember any of those?). In 2007, I created my Facebook page which has become the central place I share content these days. It’s just too easy to post there. Far easier, than, say WordPress (and this site). So this blog has become grossly inactive.

Time to change that.

I’ve been feeding the Facebook data machine for eleven years now. Of course, I know that they mine and sell my data – that I am the product. Generally speaking I haven’t minded that given the connectivity and the utility from FB – even when it came out that their facial recognition technology had become one of the best products on the planet. But the fact that Cambridge Analytica was able to abuse that relationship and mine my data in order to create targeted political bullshit has pushed me over the line into the Time-To-Limit-My-Exposure camp.

Here I can actively block certain bots from scraping my data, and generally speaking I’ll be far more careful in terms of what I share. But my days of sharing random thoughts within Facebook’s walled garden are coming to a close.

If you want to keep tabs on me, you stalker you, just subscribe to my blog and I’ll try to keep things interesting.

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