SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA – January 1, 2009 – Please forgive the indulgence. I’m writing this down to make my commitment public.

1. For me, 2009 is the Year of the Body.
My entire life, I’ve given priority to thinking, reading and working with absolutely no interest in fitness, health or even just plain ol’ taking care of myself. I mean, ZERO, NADA, NONE. The neglect is clearly showing. For 2009, the brain will be placed at lower priority (some will say that happened long ago) and more time and priority will be given to the hard work of fitness and exercise. I’m going to become as crazy about fitness and organic cooking as I am about Facebook’s utterly addictive Word Challenge. And that’s saying something.

Wise words from a former colleague.

Wise words from a former colleague.

2. Stop running and start living.
Everyone’s slow, I’m impatient, time’s a-wastin’, get out of my way, damnit…MOVE IT, PEOPLE! This attitude of impatience, time starvation and trying to do too much will put me in an early grave. My tombstone will just say “Stupid.” Time to start enjoying NOW at a balanced pace, instead of frenetically working toward SOMEDAY. More time with family, more effective time with bizdev.

3. Leave the marketing veal pen and become Free-Range Weaver!
Marketing consumer stuff is what I’m good at. But it’s not meaningful to me anymore, not really. I can do digital/web stuff in my sleep, but if it doesn’t give back in some way, then what’s the frickin’ point? How does hawking trinkets lead to a better world for my kids? Simple answer: it doesn’t. Time to make the shift full-time into a socially responsible field, income be damned. At least, if that’s at all possible. Organic farming. Rough carpentry. New forms of sustainable propulsion. My ultimate goal: to eventually be 100% pixel-free! Imagine that.

4. Stop the bi-polar self-esteem.
I admit it…this is a tough one for me. One moment I’m an arrogant ass, the next I think I’m a complete loser. Perhaps there’s something in the middle? DURRR!

5. Simplify.
That means everything. Life, belongings, projects, commitments. My life needs a few really great things, not tons of meaningless ones.

So, what about you? Any similar plans?

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