As part of my family research, I’m looking for descendants of Joseph P. PRATT, born 12 Dec 1809 in Williamson, Wayne County, New York, died 30 Oct 1882 in Williamston, Ingham, Michigan. Joseph and his family had farms in both Birmingham, Lorain, Ohio and Williamston, Ingham, Michigan.

He married Sarah DEWEY, born Vermont 22 May 1814, died 24 Nov 1877 in Williamston, Ingham, Michigan on their farm near the village of Meridian, MI. They’re buried in Lansing’s North Cemetery with their son David PRATT.


  1. Rachel E. PRATT, born 4 Jul 1852, in Ohio, died 22 Apr 1927.
  2. Seneca F. PRATT, born about 1854, in Ohio., died unknown. Married Lovina M ___, born  Oct 1852 in Ohio. Children:
    1. Donald G. PRATT, born Aug 1888, Michigan. Married UNKNOWN.
    2. Delia B. PRATT, born May 1891, Michigan. Married LEONARD.
  3. John D. PRATT, born about 1855, died unknown.
  4. David E. PRATT, born 5 Apr 1857, in Elyria, Lorain, Ohio, died 1918. (This is my Great-great grandfather). Married Ida May MILLER.

Joseph was a descendant of our family’s original immigrant, Thomas Pratt of Watertown, Massachusetts. His lineage goes like this:

  • Thomas PRATT, b. 2 Mar 1622, England, d. 14 Dec 1692, Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Son of Matthew PRATT, b. 1600, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England, and Bathsheba Elizabeth KINGHAM, b. 17 Aug 1600, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. His descendants:
    • Jonathan PRATT, b. about 1673, Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, d. about 1760, Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Married Sarah GALE.
      • Micah PRATT, b. 18 Oct 1768, Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, d. Apr 1850, Cambridge, Washington, New York. Married Mary GALE.
        • Abraham PRATT, b. 26 Feb 1740, Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, d. Dec 1802, Cambridge, Washington, New York. Married Mary BARTON.
          • John PRATT, b. 9 Mar 1785, Cambridge, Washington, New York, d. 30 Jun 1871, Marion, Wayne, New York. Married Mary PENWELL.
            • Joseph P. PRATT (above).

Of extreme interest are the four individuals listed above in bold: Joseph P. Pratt and his wife Sarah Dewey (I’m unable to find Sarah’s lineage, although it looks like her parents are Thomas and Sarah DEWEY).

Any help with info on these folks would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

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