LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA – January 7, 2010 – Sitting here in the CES Blogger Lounge around a small round table with a couple of other guys, I started up a conversation with two bloggers covering the show, Euwyn Poon and Dale Wick.

Talk inevitably turned to the Apple iPhone, and then to augmented reality apps. “Did you guys see that iPhone augmented reality app that lets you control the iPhone?” I asked?  “Crazy-cool!”

The conversation drifted into FourSquare and BrightKite, and the blogger tendency to auto-report your physical location at all times. We talked about how it’d be easy for burglars to just follow some RSS feed generated from a social media aggregator and then know exactly when to break into our homes. “Imagine an augmented reality app that let you see bloggers who weren’t home,” remarked Dale. “You could track their status to their actual house. I’d call it…iBurglar!” The wheels in my brain immediately started turning…

…and two hours later, iBurglar™ was born!

Ladies and gentlemen: iBurglar™!

iBurglar, the new augmented reality app from veteran application developer Eric Weaver

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