Did I REALLY seriously check in almost a thousand times?

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – March 22, 2010 – FourSquare, it’s been real.

I started using FourSquare right from its inception. It was fun: seeing where my friends were, letting them see my travels as well. It was tied into my first forays to my new job in Canada, and I realized “hey, I can create ’99 between Vancouver and White Rock’ as a location, and check in there! I can check in at (and become mayor of) the George Massey Tunnel! How goofy is that?” As I amassed mayorships and acquired badges, I found myself checking in everywhere.

But as time has gone on and I realize how exhausted I am from workload and weekly travel between Seattle and Vancouver, I had an epiphany today: I no longer care about FourSquare.

Don’t get me wrong: I think the geo-social Web is a thing of beauty and I have used Latitude to hook up with friends and BrightKite to post photos along my journeys. But today, as I wearily got in the elevator to walk home, and thought, “wow, I haven’t checked in today,” 978 checkins and at one point 35 mayorships later, I’ve realized that I no longer care.

I will likely pseudo-stalk my friends for a while longer until their interest wanes as well, but for now, I’m done with the checkins. And it’s probably timely, since the wide variety of absolute strangers sending friend requests from all over the US are probably spammers or bots. That’s when you know the party’s over—when the assholes arrive.

What about you? Are you locationed out yet?

UPDATE, DECEMBER 12, 2010 – So, perhaps three weeks after this post, I started getting requests from clients on geo-marketing, and questions about Foursquare. And sure enough, for a retailers’ campaign, clients were getting curious and enthusiastic about Foursquare offers. So I decided perhaps I was a bit premature in dumping the service.

Rather than using it primarily for checkins, I also started using Foursquare as a way to see where my coworkers and friends were hanging out. And sure enough, before I knew it…

I still don’t allow strangers to follow me on Foursquare – and so many of the daily friend requests I get on Foursquare are ignored.

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