Wild Horse Wind Farm

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA – December 31, 2007 – Every year since 2004, I’ve felt more and more compelled to do something more meaningful and impactful. I see increasing imbalance in our world, a focus on self that’s ultimately self-destructive. Every January, I say something about it on my website. Every December, I’ve been left wondering if I made the slightest difference. This year I’m happy to say that I’ve actually taken meaningful action – giving back, doing more, making a difference.

Jena and I have become more active in our community, her with efforts to feed the homeless and help raise awareness about Darfur, and me in terms of raising awareness and taking action to improve our use of renewable energy and sustainability. We’ve been connecting with people, learning, growing and sharing our efforts.

This year, Jena illustrated and co-published a book about the Lost Boys of Sudan to help raise awareness of the genocide in Darfur and Southern Sudan. She also joined others at a local restaurant to cook together to feed the homeless.

Wild Horse Wind Farm: The Requisite Hardhat Shot

I am a lineman for the counteeeeeee...

I’ve been attending renewable energy meetups, and recorded the audio for a local sustainability conference. I’ve been meeting other like minds in the green space and am studying propulsion and alternative energy such as plug-in electric vehicles, wind and solar energy. Toured my first wind facility at Puget Sound Energy’s Wild Horse Wind Farm. These are baby steps of course but at least we’re finally doing something.

I can feel a shift in consciousness, in awareness. People are starting to wake up to our circumstances and looking beyond themselves. What will 2008 bring? More war, greed and misery? Or more people taking action? I’m hoping for the latter.

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