Wild Horse Wind Farm

KITTITAS, WASHINGTON, USA – August 27, 2007 – Our Flickr meetup group got an invitation to tour Puget Sound Energy’s Wild Horse Wind Farm in eastern Washington. As we walked around these massive turbines, each over 220 feet tall, with their 125′ blades spinning through the air directly above my head, all I could think of was DUH.

As in, why exactly, again, can’t we live in a world without smog, oil spills, smokestacks, refineries, oceans of discarded plastic trash, peak oil and especially, resource wars? Why exactly, again, are we so stubborn about critical change? Why are we not spending all our money on these cleaner technologies? WHAT IS IT that keeps us from being smarter about our world, our money and our kids’ futures?

Our oil-driven world is utterly stupid, short-sighted and ultimately, unsustainable.

When will we grow the hell up and adapt?

Wild Horse Wind Farm: We Make Our Entrance

We make our entrance

Wild Horse Wind Farm: Jennifer Diaz

PSE's Jennifer Diaz

Wild Horse Wind Farm

Our Flickr Meetup explores the windfarm

Wild Horse Wind Farm: Looking Up

Inside a Turbine

Wild Horse Wind Farm: That's Damned Tall

Seattle Flickrites atop the ridge

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